5 Awesome Christmas Present Ideas for Your New Girlfriend

You’ve only been dating your girlfriend for a few months now. You are right on the cusp of the “getting to know each other” and the committed relationship phase. You do want to get her something special as a gift, but you have no idea what. Fear not! Here are some Christmas gift ideas that may have not crossed your mind. 

  • A Christmas card. This is a safe option for a girlfriend you’ve just started going out with because let’s face it, you don’t know each other well enough to get any sort of personal gift. Now I don’t mean just any Christmas card where you just sign your name. Make this a personalized Christmas card and let her know how you feel. At least three to five sentences. You want it to be personal. 
  • A personalized item. There are plenty of businesses now that offer affordable, personalized gifts. Does she love to write? Get her a monogrammed journal. Is she a music fanatic? How about a personalized protective case? Or maybe she told you she always wanted her own name plate necklace. There are many affordable options out there. Try to think out of the box and get her something you know she will use and enjoy.
  • Something that signifies a memorable moment. Get her a gift that is part of a special moment you’ve shared. Was your first date at the local pastry shop? Why not make her a basket of some of their best treats? Did you spend the day at a park or museum? Why not get a trinket from the souvenir shop? It’s a sweet gesture to recreate a moment you experienced with each other. Did I also mention it will definitely make her swoon?
  • An item that she’s mentioned in passing. Has she mentioned that her favorite scarf got destroyed by her dog? Or perhaps she was running low on her favorite perfume. What’s often frustrating for many men is figuring out what their girlfriend will like. Unless you are extremely detailed oriented, you are not going to know that she prefers perfumes with citrus notes. So when she tells you that she likes a particular scent, it’s the perfect opportunity to purchase it as a gift. It’s not the most creative but it displays that you listen to her and pay extra attention to her needs, which just makes her fall in love with you even more.
  • A gift card or gift certificate. I know, how unromantic, but when all else fails, sometimes this is your safest bet. You can rest easy that she will use the gift card to get herself something she really wants or needs. If you do want to make it a little more personal, you can always get her something small, like a box of her favourite sweets.

Good luck on your quest!


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