Love For Christmas Shirts

Here is a collection our favourite articles written about Christmas Shirts since we started back in 2012. 

Ryan Tubridy wearing our shirt on the Late Late Toy Show in 2017. That's 2 years in a row :D





“Possibility for The Late Late Toy Show… the Christmas shirt better than the Christmas jumper?”... read more

Huffington Post

If you’ve ever been on a pub-crawl in a Christmas jumper, this pretty much sums up the experience. The fire’s going, the drinks are flowing and people are packed in tighter than a fat guy in jorts. And what are you wearing for the evening? A big woolly jumper. Good choice.

My name is James and I am the founder of The Christmas Shirt Company... read more


A new uber-cool Irish company has just launched a fantastic range of unisex Christmas shirts... read more

The Journal

Is Ryan Tubridy threatening to wear a Christmas shirt on the Late Late Toy Show, instead of the traditional jumper?... read more

Breaking News

Are they mad? Temperatures might be mild for this time of year Tubs but it is never too warm to host the Late Late Toy Show in a Christmas jumper... read more

The Fashionisto

Just when you thought you had seen it all, there’s more. There’s an alternative to the ugly Christmas sweater... read more

Small Biz Daily 

Christmas shirts are the brainchild of James McCarthy (pictured), founder of The Christmas Shirt Company, a company that sells Christmas shirts as the cooler alternative to Christmas sweater. McCarthy launched the business in September 2013 ... read more

Shopify Success Stories

Irish Mirror