5 Christmas Present Ideas for the Husband Who Has Everything

Christmas is around the corner and you have one thing hanging in the air, what do you get your husband? This can sometimes be an already difficult question but when you have a guy who has everything he wants and needs, it just makes it ten times more difficult. You want the gift to be personal and a bit sentimental. Additionally you don’t want it to be repetitive and give him something he already has. Not to fear, we have compiled a few ideas that may help you out this year.

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Personalise a favourite object of his. 

Does he have a particular pen he uses for work? Or maybe he wears cufflinks to work. Think about something he has but uses on a daily basis and add a personal touch by getting his initials engraved in them. If you’re completely stumped, you can even purchase him a nice personalized robe or a personal set of bath towels. He’ll be touched by your thoughtfulness.

Cater to his geeky side.

Perhaps as a hobby he likes to build ships in bottles or is a photographer. There are plenty of ideas in this realm. Indulge in his recreational side to get some creative gifts. This will show him that you pay attention to all the little things he enjoys.

Get him decorations for his man cave.

Is there a place your husband retreats to for his “me time?” A perfect Christmas present idea would be decorations for his little getaway room. Get creative with it. There is so much memorabilia now to cater to every need. Does he have a favorite series? Why not get a framed poster of it? Or perhaps he’s a collector of shot glasses. Why not get a special display for all of them? You get the idea.

Buy something he needs.

It might sound boring for some, but getting him something he needs is a nice touch as well. Is he running low on his favorite cologne? Why not make a sweet toiletry basket filled with goodies along with his favorite cologne? Is he a coffee lover? Get him an awesome new mug to bring to work along with some of his favorite brews of coffee. You can always add to the gift of necessity to add a special touch.

Purchase him a membership to a golfing club, sports league or gym.

Is your husband a person who likes to spend his spare time staying in shape? Why not feed his passion for it by purchasing a membership to a local league or sports club? Technically it’ll be a gift to you after you see the amazing results from his membership use ;)

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    Getting something for a husband who has everything doesn’t have to be an insufferable experience. You just need to get a little creative and think a little unconventionally. It’s not always about what he needs or wants, it’s about what you think will put a smile on his face and make his Christmas morning memorable. We hope these ideas helped you!

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