Five Sexy Christmas Present Ideas for a Man

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right gift for your partner. But I know one gift no man will turn down… the gift of sex! Maybe this year you want to give your guy a Christmas gift that is X-Rated. One that you can both enjoy. If this is the case for you, check out this list of steamy gift ideas to get you both riled up to have a very very naughty Christmas indeed!

  • A kink kit. Yep, it's a thing. Just like shaving kits or cologne sets, there are naughty and extremely sexy kits available for your man. Often times, these kits are starter kits that can begin your collection or grow your repertoire of sex toys and accompaniments. There are plenty of online sex stores selling these kits and will ship to your house discreetly so your neighbours will be none the wiser. Your kit can be based on your bedroom taste. Do you prefer full fledge romance with satin blindfolds or perhaps you wish to try to dabble in the bondage department a la “50 Shades of Grey” style? Whatever you wish, there is something to fit your taste.
  • Role-play as Santa and his mischievous elf. If your man has expressed an interested in roleplaying, why not try some holiday roleplaying? All you need is a sexy Santa outfit for him and a scantily clad elf outfit for yourself and let your imagination run wild!
  • Do-it-yourself sex vouchers. Maybe you are a little more creative and while you to give something sexual, you still want it to be as intimate and as personal as possible. Why not create a coupon booklet of sexual favor vouchers for him? The steaminess level can be up to you. Throw in some massages but also make sure to throw in some spicier vouchers as well. For example, create a voucher where you both must try a new sexual position or one where you must give him a “hands-free orgasm.” Be creative!

  • Give him the gift of reading. Books aren’t boring! Especially if you give him a holiday themed erotica book. To get him even more riled, read the chapters to him while scantily clad, teasing him. Have him anticipate what’s to come.
  • Give yourself as a present. When all else fails, purchase some sexy holiday themed lingerie (or if you prefer just a big ribbon bow to “wrap” yourself in), don your sexiest pair of heels, and be one of the best Christmas presents he’ll ever had. Blow his mind with your sexual prowess. Also, make sure to also set the mood by paying attention to the little details like only have your tree lights on, glasses of mulled wine or spiked eggnog, and a freshly made bed waiting to be ravaged.

Don’t think too hard when it comes to get your man a steamy gift for the holidays. If you know you’ll enjoy it in the bedroom, chances are he will be excited to try it as well. So what has been the sexiest present you’ve ever given to your beau? We’re sure it was an experience to remember!

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