5 Awesome Christmas Present Ideas for Your New Boyfriend

Many women can overthink themselves into a frenzy when trying to figure out what to get their new boyfriend for Christmas. What if I told you that getting a Christmas gift for your new boyfriend isn’t as hard as you think it is? When it comes to getting the right Christmas present for your new man, you just need to be thoughtful, not too overzealous, and semi-personal. You don’t want to be over the top and buy an expensive gift when you two aren’t in a fully committed relationship yet. If you are still stumped as to what to get him for Christmas, here are five gift ideas that will surely put a smile on his face.

  1. Delicious treats. Is your new boyfriend a self-proclaimed foodie? Why not make him your favorite cookie recipe? You can decoratively wrap and package it to add even more of a personal touch. You can go a step further and buy a bottle of vino to pair with your treat. Just don’t go overboard on the budget. If you can’t cook to save your life, perhaps plan out a tasting at your local brewery. It will be a fun date you both can look forward to.
  2. Get him something useful. When I mean something useful, I mean something that he needs. Perhaps you’ve heard him complaining about how cold his hands are even with his gloves on. Why not get him an affordable pair of wool or leather gloves? Or may you’ve noticed that his phone case or wallet is in shambles. These small items are affordable and can even be personalized if you want to add that extra touch. He’ll be grateful you’ve been paying attention to his needs.
  3. Appeal to his techie side. Why not get him a Google or iTunes gift card? Or perhaps he loves taking photos with his phone. Appeal to his inner photographer by purchasing attachable camera lenses for his phone. You want your gift to be creative and unique, not expensive. If you think he has everything he needs in this aspect, you can always get him a gift card to his favorite store so he can pick out something he may need later on.
  4. Feed his inner cinema-phile. If you and your new boyfriend love binge watching movies together, why not gift him a subscription to Hulu Plus or Netflix? It not only benefits him, but it also allows you to enjoy the array of movies. Movie-thon anyone?
  5. Appeal to his gamer side. Does your boyfriend love video games? Why not purchase a year of an elite membership for whatever console he has? Or if you want to get a little more creative, you could even make a gift set filled with gamer themed goodies such as t-shirts, figures, mugs, the list goes on. Get creative and see where it goes!

Remember to be creative and personal. Try not to think too conventionally and just have fun. You may even surprise yourself at what a great Christmas present you will find for him.

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