10 Present Ideas For Him This Christmas

Getting a Christmas present that you don't want is just the worst!

"Why thank you it's just what I always wanted... eh... what is it?"

Finding the perfect present for anyone can be a lot of pressure. Shopping for men, especially men who seem to have everything they need, can be the most difficult Christmas task of all! Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. Be inspired by these ten present ideas for the special man in your life and give a Christmas gift that will make even the toughest man grin with delight! 

A professional sports massage. 

Even if the most athletic your man ever gets is playing Wii golf in the living room, he will undoubtedly love a professional sports massage. Even a desk job can somehow cause a lot of mystery aches, pains, and muscle tightness that an intense professional massage will sort right out! 

Customised gaming equipment or a game. 

If he’s a gamer, you have two great choices. If there’s a game that he has been wanting and hasn’t bought for himself for whatever reason, give it to him for Christmas! Alternately, get him a cool piece of customised gaming equipment. 

A watch. 

Commonly thought of as the only jewellery that a 'real' man can get away with these days is a watch. 

A romantic multi-course dinner in. 

If you don’t have Cartier-money, don’t worry. A fancy homemade dinner is much more affordable, but will still be appreciated! What are his favourite dishes? Try to include as many as you can. Allrecipes or LovinDublin has a great collection of recipes! As for dessert, we’ll leave figuring that bit out to you.

A romantic dinner out.

If you aren’t much of a cook and/or you have a slightly larger budget, make reservations at a nice restaurant that you two have been wanting to try, or at an old favourite that has some significance to you as a couple, and treat him to a lovely dinner out! If you’re not sure where to go, check out Yelp for restaurant reviews!

A trip. 

Memories are golden, so why not book a trip and put some gold in the box. A long weekend trip to a mountain lodge, a ski resort, or a warm weather getaway is perfect! Check out Groupon or AirBnB for reduced rates! Or just play Ryanair Roulette and book the cheapest flight within Europe.

An outfit.

Instead of going with the cliched tie or socks and boxers, pick out a full outfit for him. Especially if your guy isn’t particularly confident in his styling abilities, he will love knowing that he has at least that one outfit that looks really great on him!

A leather wallet.

Maybe your guy likes to dress himself. A nice leather wallet is the manly equivalent of a lovely handbag! 

A fitbit.

A fitbit combines technology with sports and all with the fun element of competition. He can compete against himself, or friends, to be fitter with the snack wristband. Choose one in his favourite colour!

A knife set.

If he likes to cook, or recently moved into his own place, give him a nice knife set. It feels butch, it’s useful, and it’s something he likely doesn’t already have or at least not a high quality version. 

Enjoy stress-free holiday shopping for your guy! Any of these is sure to help spread holiday cheer. 

Good luck!

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