Hey guy, what's with your shirt?

If anyone comes up to you on the street and asks about your new Christmas shirt–remember–there's always the option to explain it in song...

    It's nuts roasting by an open fire,

Sweat drops, dripping from your nose.

Thermostat, can't go any higher,

Yet we’re dressed up like Eskimos. 

If you've ever been on a pub-crawl in a Christmas Jumper, this pretty much sums up the experience. The fire's going, the drink's flowing and people are packed in tighter than a fat guy in jorts. And what are you wearing for the evening? A big woolly jumper. Good choice.

The Christmas jumper phase has been fun for the last while, but let's be honest, it's very impractical. All it takes is 15 minutes and you’ve transformed your festive pullovers into a damp smelly sweat shirts! What then? Take it off and you've thrown your money away, keep it on much longer your armpits will need their own lifeguard.

That's why you need a Christmas Shirt.


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