Five Sexy Christmas Present Ideas for a Woman

Is your girlfriend a sexual goddess in bed? Then why not appease her by getting her a sexy Christmas present, or two.

It’s a win-win!!

First she unwraps her present then she’ll invite you to unwrap her.

If you’re stumped as to what to get her, here are five sexy Christmas gift ideas for her.

  • Build up the tension with some sexy bowcuffs. You’ve heard me right, bowcuffs. Unlike traditional handcuffs or those tacky furry cuffs, these are stylish and classy. Often made with high quality materials like leather, these will feel like butter against her skin as opposed to the abrasive cold metal. It’s a great way to tease and incorporate more foreplay into your intimate holiday fun.

  • The gift of a personal massage. Your lovely lady has probably built up a lot of tension from holiday shopping, event planning, and bill paying. A great way to alleviate all this stress and tension is to pamper her with a personal massage. You can even take it a step further by taking a massage class. Don’t skimp! Pay attention to all her areas and make sure it’s not a five minute massage. You want her to be putty in your hands.

  • A high quality personal vibrator. Some people may argue that any type of vibrator will do the job; however, you want to spoil your gal with something luxurious. Take the time to read reviews and look for a vibrator that has all the stops. This way you know she’ll be able to take care of herself on those days you aren’t around. Some vibrators comes with various settings others can pulse with music, some can even remember the speed combination she prefers. So do your research to find the perfect fit for her!

  • A full romantic night planned. Take charge and plan a romantic evening with her. Take it a step further and purchase her a beautiful set of lingerie to wear under her outfit (which you can choose as well). Whether it’s a concert to her favorite band or a five-course dinner at a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, make sure she doesn’t do any of the planning so everything is a surprise. She’ll be so impressed she won’t be able to wait to show her appreciation when you both get home.

  • Get her a naughty sex game. There are plenty of new games out that appeal to the bedroom department. They have items such as role-playing cards which allow you to just focus on the fun rather than worrying about the costumes and the setup. You can even purchase a kit of some sort that will help you both try out new sex positions and explore your sexuality even more.

We know that your missus will love the sexy gifts you choose for her. If they happen to be one of the ideas we talked about, we would love to know!


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