Five Ways to Get Into the Mood This Holiday Season (Ladies Edition)

Let’s face it. The holidays can be a stressful time for you and your beau. What this usually means is that your sex life dwindles down to pretty much nothing. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Christmas time should be a great time for you and your partner to reconnect in the bedroom. Don’t think of it as a chore; rather, think of it as a treat amidst all that chaos that normally comes with the Christmas holidays. Here are some ways for you to get into the mood this holiday season.

  • Create a sensual ritual. Sometimes you just need to set the mood for yourself before you can even think about having sex. So take some time to relax, dim the lights so the room is only lit by your Christmas tree, take a bath, pamper your skin with a delicious smelling lotion, slip into something slinky, silky and sexy, and just relax. If you really want to get riled up before you see him, touch yourself and begin the stimulation yourself.
  • Have a night dedicated to just the two of you. With all the hustle and bustle you lose attention of each other. Having a full night dedicated to each other is a great way to reconnect physically and mentally. You can create a romantic setting or just lounge around with each other (being naked during lounge time is completely optional, but highly recommended). You don’t necessarily have to have sex, just let it come naturally.
  • Cuddle. If the weather outside is frightful, stay snuggled together naked in bed. Often time, catching some rest and spooning is a great way to get into the mood. The skin on skin contact, mixed with mutual attraction is a sure fire way to get each other in the mood.
  • Play out and your holiday fantasies. Perhaps you know he’s always wanted you to be a literal present (meaning he wants to come home and find you with nothing on but a gift bow). Fuel the fantasy and give him what he wants. Watch as his mouth drops to the floor when you reveal his surprise.
  • Show some PDA while out Christmas shopping. Plan a day where you two go shopping together. Besides getting your shopping done, you can get frisky with each other. Accidentally slip and touch his package while reaching for something, give each other a deep kiss while on the escalator. You can even take a break and do some shopping for you and make a show out of it. Go to your favorite lingerie store and give him a little show in the fitting room. It’s a great way for you and him raring to go.

The best way to get in the mood is to not think of sex as an obligation. Have fun and think of it as a way to relief some of that holiday stress you both have been dealing with. I guarantee you will get yourself into a different kind of holiday spirit.

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