Humbug! Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit

Sometimes despite all the decorations, party invitations, and daily cards received in the mail, you may not be in the Christmas spirit. Sometimes as we grow up, we tend to lose that childlike innocence that used to make Christmas wonderful. Instead, we think about bills, dealing with in-laws, or how fat we’re going to get eating all those Christmas dinners.

If you feel your Christmas spirit has been lacking, you are not alone. But we are here to help. Hopefully one of these will bring back that excitement you usually have this time of year.

  • Listen to your favorite Christmas music. Maybe the music on the radio isn’t cutting it for you. Why not throw on your favorite Christmas album while you clean or on your way to work? By listening to your favourites, you may notice a change in your mood.

  • Be positive. Yes, being an adult can take the magic away when it comes to the holidays but that doesn’t mean it should make you a grump. Try to stay optimistic of your holiday season. You may have to do or deal with things you'd prefer not to, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the positive aspects of it.

  • Get into the gift of giving. Christmas isn’t always about commercialism. The greatest gift sometimes is giving to someone in need. So why not volunteer at a shelter or food bank. Give back to the community or to those who really need it. Sometimes just helping others can lift your spirits.

  • Spend time with people you want to spend time with. If you’re feeling blue during the holiday season, why not get together with some friends and just hang out. Make it a movie marathon where every person needs to pick out their favorite. It’s a great way to catch up with friends old and new and to spread some holiday cheer. 

  • Put your tree up early. If waiting to put your tree up isn’t doing it for you, why not set it up earlier? Or maybe you don’t put up a tree because you’re single or have no children. That definitely may be a reason why you haven’t been able to get into the holiday spirit. So invest some money into a tree and decorate it. Make sure it’s in an area where you can’t miss it. Put a ton of lights on it and make it festive. It can even be a small tree, just the fact you are partaking in a holiday tradition can help.

  • Cook or bake your favorite holiday treat. Let’s say your aunt bakes your favorite cookies during the holidays. The smell and taste immediately makes you smile. Why not ask her for the recipe so you can make it for yourself at home? Creating or making something nostalgic can instantly boost your spirit.

Don’t let being an adult ruin your holiday spirit. Try some of these ideas and see how you’re feeling after. Remember, Christmas time isn’t about the stress or the materialistic things, it has and should always be about love, giving, and family.

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