How to Survive Christmas with the In-Laws

You know what time it is… it’s quality time with the in-laws during Christmas! Let that sink in for a moment…

It may seem like an impossible dream, but you CAN survive Christmas with your better half's family. While being criticized or critiqued by your partner’s parents is not the way you want to spend the holidays, sometimes it’s required. Instead of brooding, a great way to survive your pending Christmas trip is to come with a positive attitude and lesser expectations. So put on your favourite Christmas shirt and cheer up!

Don’t argue with your in-laws to win a point.

You may not see eye to eye with your spouse’s parents and that’s all right. Instead of arguing with them on a point you may not agree with it, pick your battles. Don’t agitate the situation more by feeling you need to express how much you disagree with their political views. It just causes friction and is not flattering to your image at all.

Don’t pick fights with your spouse.

The last thing you want to do is fight with your partner in crime before you even get to your destination. Remember that you are on the same team and if things get pushed too far, your spouse will stick up for you.

Think positively.

Ever think you may be the one creating all the tension and stress because of your attitude? If you go into the visit with a negative mindset, negative things are most likely to occur. So look at that glass of eggnog as half full instead of half empty. You may be surprised at how different the situation can play out.

Don’t be antisocial.

Your in-laws will look at you unfavorably if you decide to be a wallflower or uninvolved. It displays disinterest and that you are not having a good time (and you are supposed to be having an excellent time). If you are unsure as to how to get yourself involved, ask for help from your partner. This may mean that he/she will tell a funny story about the two of you or invite you to speak about your newest hobby. Be creative and see where it goes. The worst that can happen is that you move on to a new topic.

Help out.

Cooking for a family takes a lot of effort and time and frankly can be extremely exhausting. At least offer to help out. You are technically apart of the family. Regardless of how small the chore is, your in-laws will take note you are helping them, which can earn you points in their favour.

Your holiday visit to your in-laws doesn’t have to end in tragedy. Go in with a positive mind-set and no expectations and see where it takes you. It may not be everything you want or expect but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun or pleasant. Have fun and may all your troubles be out of sight.

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